A Flowchart for Messages to SCA Volunteers

How you communicate with volunteers is as important as the actual information you convey.  This is true for any nonprofit but especially the SCA.  Here is why.  Nonprofits have four basic resources that they need to survive: money, infrastructure, people, and goodwill.  If an organization communicates irregularly and doesn’t express its appreciation, then it risks losing goodwill.  Without adequate goodwill, an organization may lose volunteers.  The SCA runs almost exclusively on the work of volunteers.  It can’t afford to lose them.

In addition, the SCA rests on the concepts of chivalry and courtesy.  That mythos can’t be disregarded in a business email anymore than it can be at an event.  All communications to volunteers should make them feel valued, informed, and as if a thoughtfully run organization is looking out for them.

Writing in this style can be challenging for a person who doesn’t have experience. The following flow chart is designed to make this easier for a volunteer or staff at any nonprofit – including the SCA.  It is available as a pdf here.

Volunteer Messaging




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