Not My Strawberry Bread & Lemon Brownies

There are two deserts we make that people adore and we didn’t invent. We simply adapted recipes on the web so they would be gluten free and dairy free.  Moister deserts, especially ones with fruit as a main component, frequently adapt well. I’m including the links with tweaks here.  So everyone who wants to know how to make these – here you go.

Lemon Brownies – We make two changes to this recipe.  The first is that I use our gluten-free soy/corn/tapioca flour.  The other is using Fleischmann’s Unsalted Margarine instead of butter.  (Pick carefully – their salted margarine has dairy.) Remember that margarine starts out softer than butter, so keep an eye on it when you set it out to soften.  Don’t let it get too soft.  The directions on this recipe are spectacular, and I advise reading them carefully.

Strawberry Bread – The major change to this recipe is substituting in our gluten-free soy/corn/tapioca flour.  It also works with our oat based flour. For oil, we use canola.  We don’t add the nuts, because we’re a nut-free household.  If you can eat them, I’m sure they’re a lovely addition.  The recipe is very simple, and it really is as easy as it reads.  If you like apples, a friend experimented and discovered that it works nicely with moister apples like McIntosh.

More recipes can be found here

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