The image of fording a sea has fascinated me since I grew up in a city named Seaford.  Crossing a small amount of the sea on foot – along a coastline or around a cove – is easily imaginable.  Now visualize finding a shallow spot that would allow you to cross from one country to another through the depth of a sea.  You don’t get any divine intervention like Moses did for the Red Sea.  You have to find a passageway that will take you safely across miles of deep water.

This website brings together information that people have asked me to share on diverse subjects – fundraising, projects for the SCA, and cooking for allergies or celiac.  Those subjects have one thing in common.  When I was doing the work, I felt like I was slogging through deep water looking for an easier passageway to get to the end point safely.  Hence the name of this catch all website.

There is a little about my background at the start of each section so you know what I’m bringing to the table on each topic. The short summary is that I am a writer, fundraiser, theater director, volunteer and mother to three boys. I hope you find something useful on these pages that answers a question for you.  If you have a question that you’d like to ask me, contact me.


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