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Do you see the expression on the face of the woman at the top of the page? That’s me at a press conference when I had just been asked “Why should people give their money to the new library foundation? Shouldn’t our taxes cover everything?” For over thirty years I have worked in fundraising in positions ranging from staff at one of the country’s largest research university, a consultant for nonprofits so small that they didn’t have any development staff,  a grunt level volunteer, and a board president. Every piece of work centered around one question – “Why should donors give us their money?”

The large nonprofits have massive resources available to make their case to funders.  Small organizations must stretch their limited resources and make strategic choices.  It isn’t easy.  It’s exhausting.  It never ends. To try to level the playing field for small nonprofits, I put together a series of worksheets to walk a novice through how to fundraise.  The most important ones are available below as PDFs.  If you are feeling ambitious, I have a comprehensive workbook  that covers assessing your fundraising resources, deciding how to spend those resources, and executing your plan.  Contact me to ask for a copy, and I’ll send you a PDF of the book for free.  Just go do some good in the world.

Blog posts related to fundraising can be found here.


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