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The Society for Creative Anachronism is an international organization that researches and re-creates pre-17th century Europe.  Imagine Erik the Red, Geoffrey Chaucer, Joan of Arc, Leonardo da Vinci, and Anne Boleyn hanging out together fighting or doing needlework.  It looks kind of like that. The visual impact takes getting used to.  The SCA is also a small non-profit that grew organically and struggles with the the problems endemic to a primarily volunteer run organization such as fundraising, communications, public relations, and nonprofit operations. Many of my posts about SCA discuss ways to approach those problems based on my professional experience in fundraising.

20321539722_0602a4760f_z (2)If you’re in the SCA and want to chat with me at an event, this is how I usually look.  I’m known as Mistress Catrin o’r Rhyd For.  I’ve been in the SCA for almost thirty years in the Boston area, otherwise known as the Barony of Carolingia in the East Kingdom.  My SCA award resume includes membership in the Orders of the Laurel, Pelican, Silver Crescent, Maunche, Moon and Daystar.  I also have an Augmentation of Arms and a Court Barony, plus am very honored to be a Tyger of the East.  In non-SCA speak, what this means is that  I’ve done a lot of service and arts, plus been thanked very nicely for it.

All blog posts related to the SCA can be found here.

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