Tag: Volunteer Management

Where Do You Send That Email?

An email exchange can be hard to navigate from behind a keyboard. Let’s visualize it a different way. You are on one side of a bar door. You’re about to open that door and look for a conversation. Even if you haven’t done this…

A Flowchart for Messages to Volunteers

How you communicate with volunteers of a nonprofit is as important as the actual information you convey. Here is why. Nonprofits need four basic resources to survive: money, infrastructure, people, and goodwill. If you upset volunteers, then you lose goodwill. If you lose goodwill,…

Talking to Supporters – Look Like You Care

Last week I watched a meet-and-greet between the board of a non-profit and their members. The board isn’t popular, so maybe that’s why they looked tense and wary during the Q&A. It’s hard to appear receptive and inviting when you feel on the defensive….