How Can I Help?

For over 25 years, I’ve written for nonprofits, politicians, artists, and individuals. I love the challenge of finding a lead that compels people to read more or mimicking a person’s writing style.  If you’re someone who dreads writing your newsletter, making sure your message was clear in your email, or crafting a compelling speech, then I can help.

My background includes writing about a variety of subjects. Learning enough about a subject to be able to find the most interesting hooks is part of the job. These subjects have included:

  • The Business of Writing Mysteries
  • Boston’s Theater Scene
  • Fruitflies
  • Public Libraries
  • Consumer Oriented Industrial Design
  • The Benefits of a Tax Increase
  • What Makes This Political Candidate the Best One

I’ve also held a wide variety of positions, which helps me to see problems and proposals from a variety of perspectives. They include:

  • Fundraising staff at one of United States preeminent research universities
  • Consultant to very small nonprofits
  • Socia Media Manager for a regional nonprofit
  • Chair of the Board of a private foundation
  • Chief Writer for a tax override campaign
  • Founder and manager of a news blog for the Northeast chapter of a nonprofit

If you would like help crafting your message and sending it out to the world, you can leave me a message here.

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